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Horticultural apprentices in the field of agricultural production in horticulture have to attend three courses, each lasting 8 weeks), accompanying their apprenticeship in a nursery. This system is called “dual-education.

Apprenctices from the provinces of Lower Austria, Burgenland and the most western province of Vorarlberg (on the border to Switzerland) attend their courses in Langenlois.

Duration: 24 weeks (3 x 8 weeks, every year of apprenticeship is accompanied by a course at school)

Costs: free tuition, boarding school fee € 514,40 per course

Certificate: Certificate of Apprenticeship in Horticulture

Approx. 200 apprentices attend these compulsory courses every school year.



The Secondary Horticultural School is divided into three modules and prepares students for working in the field “Horticulture such as:


  • Production  horticulture

-     floriculture (ornamental plant production)

-     vegetable gardening

-     tree-nursery


  • Horticulture in the service sector

-     cemetery gardening

-     landscape design and landscape gardening

-     floristry

-     interior landscape gardening


  • Commercial companies related to horticulture (garden centres)

-     With the focus on care of plants, horticultural advising and selling


The horticultural training, from basic training up to the horticultural master  (including modules 1,2,3), lasts six or seven years. This includes approximately 5000 lessons at school and a minimum  36-month-horticultural work experience.


Costs:  no tuition fee

             boarding school fee                                               €   266,3 per month

             working and teaching material contribution                €   180  per term



Module 1  Horticultural basic training


The horticultural basic training lasts 2 school years (September - July); the first year at the horticultural school replaces the 9th compulsory school year.

(minimum age 14, after 8 years of general education)

Students gain their basic knowledge by attending special classes in botany, ecology, plant nutrition and plant protection.

Furthermore, the subjects of ornamental plant gardening (indoor and outdoor ornamental plants such as annuals, biennials and perennials), vegetable gardening, tree-nursery and fruit growing provide plenty of special knowledge.

Creativity, aesthetic and skilfulness get trained and improved in the field of floristry.

Garden design and landscape gardening show the diverse use of plants and the delights coming from living gardens.

Last but not least, management studies, accountancy and IT provide commercial background.

Students gain their basic knowledge and skills in module 1 which they consolidate in module 2 on an intermediate level.

The passing of module 1 substitutes the first year of apprenticeship as a gardener.


Certificate:  No further attendance of Horticultural Vocational School is necessary after  completion of module 1.



Module 2  - Specialisation in small


Module 2 lasts 2 years:  A one-year work experience (practical training) in a horticultural company takes place in the first year. (= third year of horticultural training)

After this one-year practical training, students return to school and specialize either in the subject area “ornamental plant gardening and floristryor in the subject area “tree-nursery, landscape design and landscape gardening (= fourth year of horticultural training)


Certificates:  Certificate of Apprenticeship in Horticulture

                    Substitution of the apprenticeship in horticulture, cemetery gardening,

                    Landscape design and landscape gardening and floristry

School leaving certificate Mittlere Reife



Module 3  Enterprise/employer training


Five hundred lessons are divided into several blocks of courses which prepare students for the examination to qualify as a “MASTER in Horticulture or for the examination to qualify as a “MASTER  in Floristry.

The successful completion of module 3 substitutes the “enterprise examination which is compulsory for establishing a commercial company in the field of horticulture.


Certificate: depending on the chosen field

         Master in Horticulture

         Master in Floristry

         Master in Landscape Design and Landscape Gardening


210 students attend the Horticultural School on the level of module 1 and 2.

34 students took master courses on the level module 3. (school year 2004/05)




The aim of this course is to prepare trained gardeners (holders of the Certificate of Apprenticeship in Horticulture) for the examination of the title “MASTER in Horticulture, both in agricultural productions in horticulture and horticulture in the commercial service sector.

Students can choose between 2 special subject areas:


-    Tree-nursery/landscape design and landscape gardening, cemetery gardening

-    Ornamental plant gardening, sale to consumers in horticulture


Duration:  8 months (2 x 4 months in winter)


Target group: horticulturists, landscape designers and landscape gardeners, trained florists

                       (on condition that they have completed an apprenticeship and a minimum of a

                        1-year-work experience in their field)


Aim: After passing the examination for the qualification of "MASTER" they will be awarded

         either the title  Master in Horticulture, "Master in Landscape Design" and Landscape 

         Gardening or "Master in Floristry".


13 students attended the first part of this course in the subject areas of tree-nursery, landscape design and landscape gardening and cemetery gardening in the school year 2003/04.




There is a highly varied offer of training courses, practical seminars and workshops (1, 2 or more days) for employees and employers in all areas of the field horticulture available at the Horticultural  School.


Moving force, coordination and funding:

                    Association of Alumni (Bildungs- und Absolventenverein der Gartenbauberufe)

                    The individual member organisations of BAV organise all kinds of specific

                    courses, practical seminars and workshops.


760 participants attended 32 courses and workshops in 2005/06.


Additional regional and transregional activities

·       Centre of expertise in the fields of horticulture, viticulture and fruit-growing:

-   Advice on laying out green spaces in cooperation with conservation societies and the campaign “Nature in Gardens"  = “Natur im Garten" of the provincial government of Lower Austria.

-    Laboratory for viticulturists   (Weinlabor)

-    Centre for the tele-weather forecast-network of the plant protection advice service in the region Kamptal

·       Management of a laboratory for virus diseases on behalf of the provincial government of Lower Austria (according to the Law for Plant Protection of Lower Austria). The aim is to inspect tree-nurseries and fruit-growing companies on order to detect and fight  virus diseases.

·       Organisation of compulsory soil tests within the framework of IP (Integrated Production)

·       Support of the „Team of country women“ (= Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Bäuerinnen“) in the districts of Langenlois, Ravelsbach and Geras.

·       Support of “Austrian Rural Youth Association"  (Landjugend) in the district of Horn




 -       Co-operation with the organisation “ARCHE NOAHÂ� which is an association aiming to preserve and to spread the diversity of cultivated plants. ARCHE NOAH runs a propagation garden located at the training nursery in Langenlois/Haindorf.


-       Member of the team “KAMPTALGÄRTEN “ ( = Gardens in the valley of the river Kamp). Parks of castles, show gardens and locations of special natural beauty are partners within this team. A newly designed part of the school garden has been turned Â� within the guidelines of “KamptalgärtenÂ� - into a show garden (“Garden for the sensesÂ� Â� Garten für die SinneÂ�), which is open to the public.



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